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The Lives of Newport's Finest

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The Lives Of Newport's Finest
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This is an OC RPG community, where you can be your favorite OC character.

Background of the RPG

The community is based on online journals and the user posting in them often. Therefore, each character will have to have their own online journal in which they write what's going on in their lives and/or any other thoughts that their character might be having. Other characters are then able to comment on the different character's journal entries

Each player is also required to have a personal AIM screen name for their character. It doesn't have to necessarily have the name of the character in it, but rather, it should be a screen name that you think that your character might have. The need for this will for AIM rp'ing which will be explained later

Rules for posting in this community are as followed:

Posting Rules- Any questions you may have can be emailed to me at Tinkerbell9245@gmail.com or IM me AOL: Tinkerbell9245, Yahoo: AM6812, or MSN: Tinkerbell8724@hotmail.com, I’d be happy to answer them.

There are several forms of posting here at the RPG. Please read each example and understand them before making that type of entry. If you understand the concept of online journals, this is all fairly easy.

Journal entries: To be made in first-person as you would write in your own personal journal. All entries should always be entirely IC (In Character) and should not include OOC (Out of Character) comments or notes.

Journal comments: To be made in the first-person as well as you would talk to a friend in real life.

AIM RPing All AIM RPing should be done in the third-person, past tense. All dialogue should be in quotation marks separate from the narrative text. All AIM conversations should have the following heading before the conversation. Please use a lj cut for all AIM conversations, if you do not know how to do a lj cut I will be glad to assist you.
Who: (Which characters are involved in the log)
Where: (Where the log takes place)
When: (When the log takes place)
What: (The basics of what goes on in the log)
Rating: (A general rating -- from G to NC-17)

Comment RPing: If preferred, or if necessary for players who can't be on AIM as much or as often as needed to complete a log in that fashion, comment RPing is an option. Like AIM RPing, comment RPing is written in the third-person, past tense narrative form. . If you are looking for someone in particular to respond, make a note in the subject line, such as Locked to Seth if you need/want only Seth to reply. If a comment RP is not locked to anyone in particular, then it is free for all of the community to respond to within reason.

Communications: Obviously, the people of the O.C. communicate in other ways than the internet and in person, E-mails, faxes, AIM conversations, text messages, etc. are all prime for posting in the community.

Each player is required to have an AIM screen name for their character, as stated above. The reason being that the characters can IM each other and the conversations can be posted in the community for all to read and see. AIM conversations are conducted entirely IC and are in first-person as you would talk to someone else through IMs.

All communications should be placed under an LJ-cut tag with a prompt as to what it is (e-mail, fax, text message) and who it is for.

The Rules:
Please read and understand the rules before applying. They're what helps keep the community running smoothly.

Respect That's number one and always will be. Respect the mod, respect your fellow players (don’t tell them a idea is stupid) respect the characters. The only drama should be the drama between the characters, because without drama it’d get boring

All story-lines from Season One are to be kept intact. However, Season Two storylines do not have to be followed, it can be AU if you would like

Do not apply for an original character that you have made up (unless I've okayed it), until all of the spots for the canon characters first.
Proper grammar and spelling is a must so none of your that Typ Lik Thiz OMG So !!11 will be accepted

Major plots (read: plots that will affect the game as a whole or a majority of characters) should be run by the me first before being put into action. This includes (but is not limited to, obviously) suicide, murder, etc.

Slash is allowed, however, we want to have fun while remaining true to the series. It's not likely that Luke and Ryan are going to decide they're hot for each other and run off to Portland for support from Luke's gay dad. If a main character is involved, run it by me first

You are expected to update your character's journal at least once a week. It is also encouraged that each player makes an effort to work on some other effort of participation as well. Such as making an e-mail, fax, or text message, or posting a log or AIM conversation in their character journal.

All Characters will be played by the characters on the show (i.e Rachel Bilson plays Summer, Benjmain Mckenzie plays Ryan)

Your character info must be filled out, according to your character, as soon as possible . An example can be found in my journal

The Application:

If you've read all the rules and are interested in becoming a part of the game, I can wait to talk to you then! Please fill out the application for the character you desire and email it to me. The following characters are open right now. Stars indicate the most needed. If there is a character not listed, that you think should be on there email me I might have just forgotten it.

Summer Roberts Summet is now taken
Ryan Atwood Ryan is now taken
Marissa Cooper Marissa is now taken
Seth Cohen Seth is now taken
Lindsay Gardner
Alex Kelly Alex is now taken
*Kirsten Cohen
*Sandy Cohen
*Julie Cooper
Caleb Nichol
Jimmy Cooper
Anna Stern Anna is now taken
Luke Ward

Summer Roberts is not available, as I will be playing her. Sorry to anyone who wanted to be her. Anyone is welcome to apply for any of the other parts, and email me if you still don't like any of the remaining characters maybe we can work something out.

Short Application

E-mail address:
AIM screenname:
Time Zone: (so we now when you would be posting)
Past RP Experience?: (not necessary, but helps)

AIM screenname: (doesn't have to have your characterr's name in it just something you think they would have)
History: (Just a few sentences about what happened to your character in Season 1.)
Personality: (Just a few sentences. How does your character act and why )
Sample AIM RP: (Just a little sample to make sure you understand the AIM RP'in.)
Sample Journal Entry: (A short paragraph or two that your character would make in their journal)

So I can't wait to hear from anyone of you who are interested, and the RPG should be up and running as soon as we get some of the character's filled.